Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I awoke bright and early on Christmas morn' to this beautiful sight! Santa must have found out about my new exciting interest in this hobby. I am so excited for my next project. Any ideas??

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Weekend In Review

So, I was able to spend some much needed time with the fam damly this weekend. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. A blast was had by all. The sis Maddi jumped ahead of me on the blogging. So, for the weekend in review, check out her blog!

Maddi Jonesey
Don't forget to check out the sweet videos of us playing Sing It!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I can't escape it!

I left THIS for....


I hate the winter snow junk :(

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*Lots of thoughts... lots of thoughts...*

This a most fabulous event! It is currently at The Leonard, somewhere in the SLC vicinity.... I have been scared, yet intrigued to attend and witness such an event. I would say this is by far, on opportunity you CAN-NOT pass by. It is a great educational opportunity for all ages. As you walk in you are instructed to the entrance, where you are able to pick up a notebook and pencil to record, and I quote: "What's your body telling you? Write down any thoughts, and we can help translate."

I knew we were in for a fun time!

We had quite the thought processes, that some of us voiced and shared with the group. I may need to approach this post with an apology to a particular group of people whom I love dearly! But I didn't want to disappoint the fans, this lovely group of individuals is known for their sweeeeeeet comments :) So, instead of using my little notebook to record what my body was telling me, I used to record these great memories!! Enjoy.

As we descended into the first room, the lights are immediately darkened, and you are git with the pounding of a heart beat. It was very neat how they used more than just one sense to teach. And when we came to certain areas, it was funny to see the "secret whispers" between people, sharing their own thought processes :)

All in all, it was a fantastic time! If you can, go!

"I can smell skin!"

"This is making me hurt!"

"It's a real ball."

"They all look like beef jerky."

"I think its weird that they left the belly buttons on..."

"How does it stay up?"

"Are those real? What do you think they are made of" (she then proceeded to feel her own)

"I spy more boobily-woobilles!"

"What is THAT? A baby coming out??"

"More nip nips."

"It'd be funny if someone didn't notice there was glass there and ran! 'MOM!' *crash*

"Is that where the baby comes out?"

"He will pop out of there, into your face! That is creepy, that is creepy! That is NASTY!!"

"It looks like a tree."

"Why don't they just cut it off?"
"Cause its natural and you need to see it."
"No, its not."

"I am so hot, I need to take off my socks!"

"How come mine's not in the hundreds like you guys?!"

"That's what happens when you crash in an airplane. Your back flies open, and your organs fly out."
"And mysteriously land in a tower on your hand?"

"What is a rooster? .... Ohhhhh, the animal."

"MOM!! It's the baby hole!!"
"And you shouted that across the room??"

"What is that pointy thing?!"

"I don't like to read. I like to be told."

Afterwards, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Temple Square with the Christmas lights on, for the FIRST time in my life. Yes you read that right, the first time. Now, I can't speak for the time between the ages of birth to well... 22. I don't have a very good memory.... :)

Thanks Tom, Burlene, and cousin Bekah for being the only cousin to go with me!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun Around the Dinner Table

This is our family's favorite activity. Sitting around the dinner table sharing memories. Good times. Some included:
"You're suppost to shave it, not fluff it."
"Do you remember when..."
"You had a high pitched voice till you were 16!"
"...don't tell my mom! Please, don't tell!!"
"We would always hide in the bathroom, cause it's the only room with a lock."

I know there are many more, and funnier thoughts, but as everyone knows, I have an awful memory.
This weekend, the sisters were able to come up for the weekend. We had a blast! There was a lot of estrogen in the Greer home. Thanks to the cousins, especially Uncle Tom and Cousin-in-law Josh for putting up with all us girls! We loved cuddling on the couch watching movies. Thanks for more memory making!

Also, Cousin Micah made a DELICIOUS and beautiful cake for Maddi's birthday. Check out the candle! :)

#1 Reason Why I Hate This Place

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Best Comedy Holiday Flick

Nana! Look at me, look at me!!

Alright. I have been very excited to share this with everyone, but have held back until the fabulous project was complete. You should be very excited to see what I have to share. I have been asking Nana to retire and teach me how to sew for almost two years. While serving the mish, I was struck with how the skill and hobby of sewing is slowing becoming a lost art. Its sad to say that my generation, and those to follow, are becoming too dependant on technology and on everyone else, to do the work. Sad. I was so thrilled that Roommate Kris was willing to take the time to teach me. She was so very patient through the whole process. I owe her big!

She works at Mormon Handicraft, which is located inside of the University Mall Deseret Book. with me. We took some time, and browsed different fabrics and patterns. I thought about making a pillow, or maybe a skirt, or pajama pants, but in the end decided to make a bag! (I was soon to find the difficulty of the project. I should have chosen pj pants!) Many of you have let me know that I am a little too obsessive with the color pink, and that I'm a bit too old. So, as you will see I chosen fabric that has just a touch of pink. (I also chose pink for the inside of the bag :)) So here goes.

Here is the pattern we chose
Amy Butler's projects are quite easy and user friendly!

Pinning and cutting the patterns

In the sewing world, this is how you count inches. Intersting, huh?

In making a bag, you need to use fusible interfacing, as well as fusible fleece interfacing to strengthen and shape the bag. (See all my new vocabulary!)

Because it is fusible, it can "fuse" to the fabric.

Here is Miss Kris multitasking. She is supervising my sewing project, writing a paper, watching the Oklahoma game, and downloading my Christmas cd's to my ipod. She is just great!

Up to this point, there was a month or so sabatical. Between Kris's schedule and mine own, we struggled together to embark on the sewing part of the project. But finally, last Saturday night, we did! We stayed up till 1 AM, but is was well worth it! So the real sewing begins!

See how well I am concentrating!

Well, I guess I momentarilly lost my concentration. Oops! It now has the "signiture Monica look" :)

It has pockets! One large one, and a two pocket-er. These lines are straight!

Yes I needed some help. Something about garrishing corners... She didn't want me taking her picture, oh well!

With this picture, I was trying to be artistic :)

The brown is the outside of the bag, and the pink is the inside. Its getting to be SO exciting!!!! It's staring to look like a real live bag!

TA DA!! Isn't it soooo beautiful! I just LOVE it!! So, there it is. My first sewing project, minus the horrible Looney Tunes pillowcase I made in 7th grade Home Ec. I hope to have my next lesson by my beautiful Nana :)