Monday, February 23, 2009


Yes I realize the purpose and blessing of agency. I was being a bit candid in my post. Choices I wish I didn't have, are: the choice between TV and homework, the choice between sleep and reading my scriptures, the choice between spending money and being content with what I have. Having these choices and complaining about them, makes me sound quite selfish.... So I retract my little speech.

I am grateful for what I have been given, I have more than I could ever want. Health and freedom, and the gospel of Christ, a knowledge of a loving Savior.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Freedom to Choose

Is this really suppose to be a blessing?
Can't someone just tell me what to choose???

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Find / Obsession!

I am attempting to complete a photo-journalistic essay for my english class. We are to wright about a stereotype we have personal experince with, and then compare it with the "norm"- rather what is regarded as the norm. I decided to write about the single adult inside and outside the church.
I came across this fabulous blog about single mormon gals . It is absolutely fabulous, I am just in love with it. Here is an excerpt:

"Because half of your friends got married 2 years out of high school and you’re trying to figure out more creative things to say when everyone in the ward asks “Are you dating anyone?”
Being a single Mormon girl has its advantages and its annoyances. And the older you get the stronger both become.
There was no guide in the Young Women’s manual of what to do when Prince Charming just wants to “hang out”, has been discovered as dating another girl, or you are sure he died in the war in heaven and would find you if he still had a body.
Well, this Guide won’t have all the answers, but it will make the journey a bit more bearable and entertaining along the way. We hope you enjoy!"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daddy Dean Update

I'm sure he'll love me for posting this picture. But I wanted to let you all know he is restless and a bit banged up, but happy.

Momma Jones says thanks for all the phone calls. He was released tonight, and will be able to sleep in the dark and quiet of his own bed. He will get to wear this collar and arm brace for a couple months.

Love you Daddy Dean!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family: Isn't It About Time?

I had somewhat of an eye opener this morning. I received a message this morning from my mom that my dad had an accident at work, and had been rushed to the hospital.

He had been using the forklift to load up his truck this morning, and it toppled over from the pallet he was carrying. He had gotten an "L" shaped cut on his head, a minor fraction in a neck vertebrae and a pulled shoulder. He will be confined to a neck brace for the next couple of months while he heals.

Hours after CAT scans, MRI's and countless amounts of stitches, he is resting in a Vegas Hospital for the night. His biggest complaint? The bright lights in his room, people coming in and out, and the fact that he is sharing his room with someone else. :) He was quite fun to talk to tonight while under the influence of his medication. "I haaaaad riiiiice and vegggggggtabbbbblesssss with fishhhhh." He was sure giggly too. I'm so very glad he was cared after and was brought into the hospital so quickly.

I fall into this seemingly comfortable mindset that they will always be there. I take it for granted, I take them for granted. And I'm not sure what it is. Is it because I have the gospel that answers those heart wrenching questions? Or just the simple fact that I have been blessed to never have lost a close family member, and I magically assume no one will ever die? Diane's passing last month, also brought these thoughts to the surface. She is actually the closest person to me that has passed away. My grandma Nola passed away when I was... not too sure how old I was... ten? But I don't remember having a hard time with it. It seemed to not have effect me.

Also, because of my time as a missionary, I think I became accustomed to not contacting family over long periods of time. My mom is not accustomed, nor happy about this fact. Hence the blog, and she signed up for Facebook last week :)

Once again, my eyes have been opened, and myself reminded as to what matters most.