Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't Wait!!

Family Tradition = butt rolls!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Day in the Making

Oh goodness. How do I even begin? How does one express the feelings in her heart. There is just too much to share. I had the greatest weekend, in the green and wet beautiful land of Oregon. I was blessed to return once again to visit Santa Clara and the Wiltbank family (and no, it will not be the last!). It did my heart good to spend some much needed time with my kindred spirit, and fabulous friends. Some pictured below.

The dear sweet Madison Family. Rod and Shawn. When I was serving in Santa Clara, Bro. Madison was the Ward Mission Leader. He was a great leader and example for me. Both opened their hearts to us, and listened to our worries and concerns over the area. Continously reminding us to trust in the Lord. I will always remember one of the last things he shared with us. "Be patient. The Lord will take care of it. Just have faith." I will forever have a spot for them in my heart. AND- they just might be coming to Utah next summer with the Wiltbank familia for a two week trip. I can't wait!!!!

The above picture was taken Dec 21, 2006. It was the last time I saw the Wiltbanks as a missionary. It wasn't until June 1, 2007 on Kym and Austin's baptism day was I able to return and see their beautiful faces.

Enough of memory lane :) So back to last weekend. Milo and Kym were able to attend the Temple to recieve their endowments. It was such a beautiful day, and I was surround by some of the best people. We have plans to attend the St. George Temple (oh yeah!) for their family sealing (including the company of the Madisons!). The first pic I love cause I look better in it than the second :)

And the beautiful couple of the day! Love you

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The $85 Kiss

So, I can only imagine what you are all thinking about my title :) Hee hee...

Alright. So, here's the scoop. Because of my gracious DB leader, I was able to have Saturday and Monday off last week. I was able to surprise my mom for her birthday and was able to watch LP for a the weekend.

As always I was procrastinating my return to the great white country, and I ended up paying for it. Literally. As seen the picture above, the Hewards' driveway is a huge downward slope. Mix that with the quirks of the grandma car, and we've got trouble. When granny is sitting at a downward slope and the gas tank is less than half full, the odds of it starting up are few. I jumped in and started her up. It sounded like she was on. Put her in reverse and hit the gas. She started rolling forward. My thought process, "Oh, its cause I'm on a down slope. I need to give it a bit more gas. I quickly switch my feet, brake, GAS! The next 4 seconds were in complete slow motion. Granny kissed the Sweeper truck. All I have to say is Tena's face was priceless! I didn't even think anything of it. I got out the car, laughing. Alan and Tena come up to the car and gasp.

Yep, I broke my headlight. Because of the age and beauty of the Granny, it was gonna be pretty pricey. We here in the Buick family, we roll high in class with REAL glass lights. At the local Checker Auto, they had to order the light and it would take 10 days to recieve and would cost $269. Holy..... I was dead meat. You kinda have to have a headlight. Bummer. Well, Alan was kind enough to drive me all around Washington County in search of a headlight. Two hours later we finally found one at a local salvage yard for $85. Thankfully.

In the first picture you can see LP is recreating the scene. My car wouldn't start, so Alan hooked me up to his truck and pulled Granny out with the chain. Quite an afternoon. As you can see, no damage done to the ole Sweeper Truck.

LP, our good helper :) He later told Tena, "Monica's car kissed the sweeper truck because they are both old". Thus, the $85 kiss!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two weeks late and a dollar short

On Hallows Eve, I had one thought continously all day.

"People are brave!"

I was so very shocked by what people had chosen to wear. I think some just used the day as an excuse to dress however they wanted to. I saw life size Elmo, Devils, dudes in tight black leotards, cats, boys dressed as girls, and of course witches. All on campus. Thats why I was so very shocked at what they wore! I myself, cause myself great concern on the thougts of others- which I shoudln't, but I do. Anyway, I just couldn't belive it. I had brought my camera with me to take pictures of the brave souls, but I was just not brave enough! So sorry.

Working at the Mall brings about some benefits. We are apart of the yearly trick or treat. I was pumped to work that night! I prepared for a month for my costume :) I worked in the Pantry, so I decided to go with that motief. Another reason why this post has been delayed is cuase I had forgotten my camera. I know I know.... could I! So a co-worker took pictures of everyone and was going to send them to me. But I'm still waiting. But I did get one picture.

I turned out looking more like Punky Brewster than a chef :) I've already got a jump start on my costume for next year!

Here's some co-workers. I was so proud because everone had dressed up, except for one person who shall not be named :) Once I get everyone's pics, I'll post them! We were so excited to be out of our white shirts and pants!

Thursday, November 6, 2008