Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Second Job

Anyway, since I'm not attending school, I all of a sudden found myself with a lot of time on my hands, and nothing to do. I realized just how boring I am. So, my bit of brain cells got together, and came up with an idea. Why not get a second job?! Since I was 17 I've always had at least two jobs, if not more! (At the age of 20 I once found myself with four jobs! 1:The Learning Center 2: The School for the Deaf and Blind 3: Sno Shack and 4: The Spectrum newspaper route I was rollin' in the dough for awhile... I wish I had been smarter and saved it, oh well. You live and you learn...)

Anyway, enough rambling! Well, I did name this "Musings of Mon", I guess I ought to live up to it and randomly ramble...

Thankfully, Heavenly Father knew I was pondering this new option of starting a second job, and He blessed me with a great opportunity. Now, mind you, a fantastic opportunity would be something more along the lines of say, my major and interest of ASL, but this is good enough. At the Lion House Pantry, (a cozy little spot located in Deseret Book where you can lounge around reading fabulous books and eating fantastically delicious foods! AKA: my job) we have a large amount of repeat customers, most of them Mall employees. The kiosk right in front of the Bookstore, is Tangerine Juicy Jewelery. Last Friday, the owner, Jenny from China, came in for her daily Lion House Roll, and asked if I knew someone who needed a job, better yet, how about me...? Well, actually, yes! Me! She is so very willing to work with my schedule, and I now have a second job, three nights a week. Two of those three days I'll go straight from Deseret Book to Tangerine, causing me to work 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We'll see how good it really is. Tangerine is really chill. They are cool with employees texting and reading books, so it should be good.

P.S. Come stop by the kiosk for some sweet jewelery!!

A whole year has gone by!!

I just have to say, I love blogging! I am still awake, way past my bedtime, but I have so much to share!! I thought I wouldn't have anything to say, but stuff keeps on coming! I'm still trying to figure this all out, different layouts and what not. A whole new world has been opened up for sure!

So, for the summer I decided to skip out on school and take a break. May 1 marked my first year here in Happy Valley, and May 22 marked one year for my employment at Deseret Book. It is amazing home time flies by, seriously. This sort of milestone causes you to look back and recap on the year.

Happenings of the past year:
  • Moved to Orem because of an answered prayer
  • Moved in with a boy, while still keeping the Law of Chastity
  • Found myself with zero friends
  • Reconnected with extended family
  • Started college, 7 blasted years after graduating high school
  • After many attempts, finally got hired at Deseret Book
  • Gained a slew of fantastic friends
  • Joined the ASL Club at UVSC
  • Got a fabulous BFF
  • Became ASL Club President
  • Remember just how much I hate Math
  • Became slightly dumber after a semester of ASL Numbers and Fingerspelling
  • Met Duck Girl. Stalker Boy, and the Professor
  • Returned to Oregon twice!
  • Witnessed four beautiful baptisms
  • Remember just how much I missed the greenness of Oregon, and realized I would love to transplant my life there
  • Had an awkward, but later blessed phone call
  • Reconnected with a past friend
  • Started dating a real boy!
  • Took a random trip to Texas and received true loves first kiss
  • Brought home the first boyfriend to meet the parents
  • Learned life lessons from Suicidal, Stalker and Super Sweet roommates
  • ( this is turning into a long list...)
  • Started a second job
  • Oh, and how could I forget the lovely day i turned 25. Ugh.
  • Learned to appreciate all that my parents have sacrificed for me
  • Got my first of many student loans
  • Learned how to magically turn my pay checks into books
  • Attended my first BYU ward
  • Started interpreting for some Deaf families in the Cedar Hills ward
  • Realized how much I still have to learn

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My "Quiet" Life

Life in Happy Valley, has turned out to be pretty good. My intent in moving here was to take advantage of the new programs offered at UVSC, soon to be UVU. Last Fall they added three new Deaf Studies BA degrees. I quickly emersed myself into studend life, as well as into the Deaf Community. I have aquired a great load of new friends who have blessed my life tremendously! Including my wonderful cousin! I want to send a shout out to them all! Thanks for fun filled arm smacking, tongue clicking converstations! Many memories I'm sure we won't soon forget!!

In the Beginning

Well, just like the rest of the masses, peer pressure has brought me to this point in life. I am offically a blogger. I hope to be dedicated enough to satisfy the world, unlike some whom I have already become irritated by, that do not continually update. I also hope that I can find topics and experinces that are interesting enough for you. My life in Happy Valley is a quiet one; in more ways than one.