Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coming Home

Saturday was the Relief Society Semi-Annual Broadcast. Within the first few chords (see how my general college edu. is coming in "handy" in life! I can label a chord and sound smart...) anyway, within the first few chords of the MoTab, I felt a rush of love, and that I've come home. I've sure missed this place. *Ü*

  • Positive happy state of mind, not a "physical" location

  • I am a Spirit Daughter of the Greatest Creator

  • Brings me Peace, Love, and Joy

  • Be a my own creator, something that didn't exist before, something of beauty

  • Self-help by helping others

  • I cannot gain blessings without sacrifices…..hmmmm…

  • "Without personal revelation, we cannot succeed." Sis. Beck
  • Return and Report....again and again.... often

That is one of my thought processes prompted from the Broadcast. Each thought prompting a new one. Lots to ponder.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Adventures in Foods

My lovely roommate Kris has been asking for this recipe book for months, and finally for her birthday this last week, she got it! And now, I am her lab rat *Ü* I would like to share with you her first concoction with many to follow. She also got the Magic Bullet, which she has also been requesting for years!

We'll start with dessert.

Hmm..... Green and orange. What could it be?? Spinach and Carrots!!
INSIDE the brownies!!

But! The end result was delicious!! Kris enticed some guys to come over after ward prayer for our lovely desserts, but she didn't tell them what was inside until after they had eaten them! BWA HA HA! (Also we are having our very own party for the premier of The Office. The brownies have been requested!)

Next, Kris made us Aloha Chicken Ka bobs. Here she is magic bulleting the sweet potato and pineapple. I think we got all our vegetables in this one meal.... Yes Mom, Kris is taking good care of me :)

Here is the dipping concoction of pineapples, sweet potato, egg whites, and who know what else :)

Finished product! It was DE-licous! Thanks Kris!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jammin' in the Granny-mobile

Here is a picture of The Granny Car. My pride and joy, the apple of my eye. (disregard the Pennsulvania junk at the bottom of the pic, I found it on the internet) Seriously, I really am grateful to my grandparents who lovingly have lent me the use of this vehicle. I would be a bratty, disrespectful, and ungrateful granddaughter if I did not express that, and truly mean it. And I do. I just had a thought on my way home from my night class. It was a funny one. *Ü*

My class ends at 8:45, which just happens to be the same time the rest of world is returning home. Outside it's perfect weather, so of course my windows are down, feelin' the breeze. I put on my ipod, crank it up at full volume, and rock out to Chris Brown, Usher, Madonna, etc. As I pull up to a red light, I notice everyone else has their windows down as well. I can just imagine their faces and thought processes! I can only imagine what I look like. A sweet granny car, rockin' out to sweet music, and if I'm signing along with the music... I'm sure I'm quite the sight. It just make me bust a gut at myself. *Ü* I'm sure none of you think its as funny as me, but I sure got a kick out of it!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Raw nostrils, need I say more?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bad Days Gone Good

Well, there has been a number of instances this last couple of months that have left me stuck with my own thoughts and desires, which honestly, aren't always the best. All of them, life lessons sent from a loving Father Heaven. I realize that, but struggle to reach out for "his arm is stretched out still." Most songs send me back to a precise moment in time. This one in particular takes me back to my desk looking out the window of the Seybolts basement, AKA our missionary apt, musing about life as a missionary and the experinces I was having. A mixture of some intense thoughts and emotions.

She sees the storm clouds gather
The sky is turning cold and gray.
She knows that somethings coming
when she starts to feel this way.
She pleads for intervention,
but heaven offers no relief,
She would understand if she could only see.

Sometimes He lets it rain
He lets the fierce winds blow
Sometimes it takes a storm
to lead a heart where it can grow
He can move mountains of grief
and oceans of pain.
But sometimes He lets it rain.

When her heart surrenders
to the Master in control,
Her spirit learns the lessons
of the tempest in her soul.
When it's no longer raging,
she can see how far she's come
through the wisdom and
the mercy of the Son.

Sometimes He lets it rain
He lets the fierce winds blow
Sometimes it takes a storm to
lead a heart where it can grow
He can move mountains of grief
and oceans of pain,
but sometimes He lets it rain.

There is no joy without the pain
Sometimes He has to let it rain.

So many times, it seems easier to run away and forget about everything. But more times than not, that will just cause more problems. So here I sit, continuously musing.... this song running through my mind. "There is no joy without the pain".

As I have moved to a new apartment, and school has started, I'm finding myself set up in a pretty good situation. New institute classes full of inspiration and the Spirit; a new roomie who offers me much need support and laughter!; a new ward full of new opportunites and possible friends; a new position at work with even more support, responisbility and a little bit of fun :); and of course my family and long time friends near and far. Good things. As soon as I get down on myself, I am kindly reprimanded and reminded of the good that is there. I know this, there just seems to be that nasty mist of darkness that keeps trying to creep up on me to distract and confuse me. I look back and wonder, how did I get here? What has led me to this particular time and place? What opportunities are ahead of me? What goals should I set to continue growth and improvement? Sounds like I need to do some serious DTR with myself.... hmm...