Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Pet Dog......?

So, Sketch has recently began instigating the game of fetch. He brings us one of his cat toys, drops it at our feet, and then stares us down until we throw it across the room! He runs like a madman, captures the stray ball, and promptly returns it for a second round. It has been reported that he will continue this activity for up to 15 minutes!

I recently dog sat for a friend of mine, and we wonder if they had a "Freaky Friday" moment and switched places..... I have yet to confirm this exchange with my friend's little chihuahua.

P.S. In this video, please ignore the Bop-it game going on in the back ground.... as well as my beebee voice.

P.P.S. I realize I have not posted since last Christmas, and that this is my second post about a cat. I would like to add a disclaimer that I have not become an old lady obsessed with cats. I will not grow old with 85 cats!!!!! This is my sister Makinzee's cat :) Perhaps I will have ONE in my future.


Katria said...

It's OK. Cats are cool! Also, my cat plays fetch ALL THE TIME! He even has a stick that he likes you to throw. I kid you not!

Korry.Taffee.Jaci.Milo said...

HAHAHAHA. so cute:D We are rolling into town on FRIDAY. staying for a few days... hope we can se eyour beautiful face.

auntykaryn said...

lol. Kenz's cat is AWESOME!!!

Lori @ said...

YAY! An update!!! You are too cute, Monica! Glad you are back to posting.